Sabrina (skb1976) wrote in mass_lesbos,

Visiting Boston April 25 - 27

Hi, all! I just joined the community because my partner and I are going to be in Boston next weekend. She's in a Scrabble tournament (no, I'm not kidding...!), and I'm being left to my own devices.

HELP! :)

I love Boston and have been a number of times, and she is originally from Boston. I was hoping to take a day trip on the ferry to P-town, but doesn't sail until mid-May. Big Sox fan, but they're out of town, so Fenway is out. One can only spend so much time people watching on the Commons and in Faneuil Hall. And I really don't want to spend all day in alone in the hotel room watching NESN, as appealing as that is...!

Anyone willing to meet up with a quiet, coffee-addicted, friendly, vegetarian out-of-towner who needs some queer Boston culture? Or, if you don't feel comfortable with meeting a stranger, willing to offer up ideas on things to do and places to see?
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Wait! There's a Scrabble Tournament next weekend?!? WHICH ONE?? I've only ever seen Scrabble Tournaments on TV and I would LOVE to go as a fan :)

I would definitely meet up with you for a day -- which day? E-mail me off-LJ with some basic info and I'd be happy to make plans ...

says the queer butch coffee-addicted local-vegetarian-cuisine-knowledgeable local Scrabble fan :)
It's the Boston Area Tournament. My partner is the #16 seed in Div 4 (out of proud of her!). The people you see on TV are usually Div 1...Joel Sherman, Brian Cappeletto...the "Rock Stars" of Scrabble.

Her parents retired to Portland, Maine from W. Roxbury, so we don't get to see them often. We have tentative plans to get together with them on Friday. They're still not sure if they can make it, but the day belongs to honey and me either way before the tourney starts Fri night. Saturday and/or Sunday are best bets for getting together. I know at some point I HAVE to go to the Indian restaurant in Quincy Market.

I'd have e-mailed but I don't see one...? I use my work e-mail almost exclusively, and it's probably not a good idea to post it publicly.
I have a paid acct so just email to on_reserve at livejournal dot com
Except I'm going to be out of the country. . .well have fun!