Sabrina (skb1976) wrote in mass_lesbos,

Visiting Boston April 25 - 27

Hi, all! I just joined the community because my partner and I are going to be in Boston next weekend. She's in a Scrabble tournament (no, I'm not kidding...!), and I'm being left to my own devices.

HELP! :)

I love Boston and have been a number of times, and she is originally from Boston. I was hoping to take a day trip on the ferry to P-town, but doesn't sail until mid-May. Big Sox fan, but they're out of town, so Fenway is out. One can only spend so much time people watching on the Commons and in Faneuil Hall. And I really don't want to spend all day in alone in the hotel room watching NESN, as appealing as that is...!

Anyone willing to meet up with a quiet, coffee-addicted, friendly, vegetarian out-of-towner who needs some queer Boston culture? Or, if you don't feel comfortable with meeting a stranger, willing to offer up ideas on things to do and places to see?
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