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Travel Info for Massachusetts

Hello. I am traveling around Massachusetts this wek exploring the state with my girlfriend this week including Norhampton and outside Boston. Any suggestions on good places to stay, eat, and see museum, nature, and artwise. Also any resources for lesbian and bi women and places to go would you can recommend be great. Thank you!
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For Noho, park somewhere (if you can find any :)) and just wander around. Though, La Vericruzana has really good Mexican food, and Osaka has really good sushi ^_^

As for places to stay the Clarion (it's right off of I91 North) is a pretty good hotel! ^_^

As for art, the gallery's are becoming a little scarce, but walking around Downtown Northampton is just a good time.

Hope this helped!!! ^_^
oh, p.s. depending on what night your going to be in Noho, Diva's is a really fun little club. Wednesday is drag night, Thursdays are Karaoke, and Friday's is hip-hop. It's mainly a gay club but it's pretty much a "come as you are, we accept all" kinda place!

Thank you for the info! I appreciate it!
Thank you this is very helfpul!
im usually a RI person even though i live in Mass.
RI is more in my comfort zone due to Boston being
somewhat clicky and huge. Providence is like Boston Jr.
Thank your for your insights!
if you end up in the RI area. Go to Thayer St in Providence, or Wickenden St. Very Artsy and gay friendly, with some awesome coffee shops and fun places to eat.
Great! I will keep this in mind!
pride is today!
come to cape cod.
there is a great bike trail in dennis.
if your down for using some energu