Massachusetts lesbian, queer, bisexual, trans and "questioning" women

"I don't care what they say, what do they know about this love anyway?"

Lesbians of Massachusetts
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This is a community for *ALL* queer people in Massachusetts who do or at one point identified as female. It doesn't matter if you are bisexual, femme, butch, androgynous, "questioning", MTF trans, FTM trans, both poly and mono, in a relationship or not, or just interested in girls who are...anything goes.
That said, there will be *NO* bashing of any kind!
Anyone who cannot be nice will be removed.
You can discuss anything you want as long as it is related to the community. I don't care if you lj-cut or not. I'm not a bitchy mod. Do whatever, as long as you're nice.

This community is moderated by cricketor, please direct any and all questions and concerns to her.
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